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Why Not Outsource Your Internal Audits?

Why Not Outsource Your Internal Audits?

Auditing a quality or environmental management systems takes time and can have a big impact on internal resources. Very few organisations have the luxury of having dedicated staff to undertake this mandatory requirement of ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, AS9100, OHSAS 18001 etc. Another bone of contention with auditing your own management system is that of impartiality, very few internal auditors can say that they have no interaction with the process or procedure they are auditing.

So why don’t more organisations outsource their auditing to a professional auditor? I think you will find they are, but not everyone knows about it. QTP Limited has been providing Auditing services to their clients for over 15 years and it now equates to 45% of our annual turnover. Take a look at our Auditing Satisfaction Survey and see what our customers say about our auditing service.

You may think that outsourcing your auditing requirement is likely to be expensive, but if you deduce the time being spent by your internal staff auditing your system, it usually pays for itself. Typical cost to audit a Quality System for an organisation employing 15 to 20 people is approximately £100/month.

So have you changed your mind about outsourcing your internal Auditing ?
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