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ISO9001: 2008 is an international ISO standard against which your Quality Management System can be 3rd party certified. It is adaptable and non-prescriptive allowing it to apply to any type of business, including the service sector.

In the forth quarter of 2015 ISO9001:2008 will be replaced with a revised version, please take a look at our webpage here

What will QTP Limited typically do?

QTP Limited offer a complete package that will guide you through the ISO9001:2008 certification process, from initial review right through to UKAS accredited certification.

The standard package comprises

  • An initial visit to review (Gap Analysis) of your existing systems
  • The preparation of your Qualify Management System (QMS) documentation
  • Assistance through the implementation process
  • Assistance with the UKAS Certified Cody (CB) arrangements and certification
  • Pre Assessment Audit and Management Review prior to certification
  • Attendance during the CB assessment and help with any corrective actions

The total cost of the above package is £1995+VAT, but costs may vary up or down depending upon your level of compliance at the time of the initial review. QTP Limited can apply for grant funding towards the cost of the project, please ask for details.

How long will it take?

The timescale from start to date to certification is about 12 weeks!

To date QTP Limited have helped over 300 company’s obtain ISO9001:2008 Certification. Read Posts


Guaranteed UKAS Certification?

For a Fixed Price!   Only QTP Limited Offer This Service

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Providing simple and effective management system solutions to organisations wishing to achieve 3rd party certification to an ISO standard.