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Responsible Welding Coordinator

Responsible Welding Coordinator

Responsible Welding Coordinator

Responsible Welding Coordinator, why do you need one?

As part of the Factory Production Control system requirements of BS EN 1090 1:2009 +A1:2011, there is a requirement for each company to nominate a Responsible Welding Coordinator or RWC.

Responsible Welding Coordinator, who is it aimed at?

This course forms part of our EN1090 implementation and is aimed at Managers, Welders, Supervisors, Inspectors, Quality Personnel and other professionals in the structural steel fabrication/manufacturing sector who are looking to improve their technical knowledge in Welding Engineering, Welding Inspection and Metallurgy. This course will assist in developing knowledge and understanding for those individuals that are working towards the role of RWC within their company.

Who delivers the RWC course?

The QTP Limited RWC training course is delivered by qualified welding and engineering lecturers to comply with the requirements of The Construction Products Regulations (CPR – 89/106-EEC) and BS EN 1090-1:2009 +A1:2011.

As part of the course there will be a half day onsite review of the operation of the RWC. The onsite assessment will be performed by QTP Ltd personnel who are independent from the running of the RWC course. Each candidate will receive a “Certificate of Competence” (up to and including Execution Class 2 of BS EN 1090-1) following a successful site assessment by QTP limited.

What is covered on the RWC course?

Our course covers the tasks and responsibilities of a RWC, including Execution Class 2.

  • Welding Health & Safety
  • Welding process technology (MAG, MMA, TIG & SAW)
  • Welding metallurgy of Carbon & Stainless Steel (Aluminium if required)
  • Welding design & welding symbols
  • Welding defects (Root causes, preventative measures & remedial actions)
  • Inspection techniques (Visual, NDT & destructive testing) EN1090 / ISO5817 requirements
  • Preliminary weld procedure specifications (PWPS), Weld procedure qualification record (WPQR) & Weld procedure specifications (WPS) – Formulating, certifying & understanding.
  • Welder qualifications test certification (WQTC)
  • Welding quality systems & standards (compliance to BS EN 1090 / EN ISO 3834 / implementation of a Factory Production Control System)

The course has been approved by many of the Notified Bodies and is considered suitable for use against Execution Class 2 Structures (Basic Knowledge) under EN1090 and the Construction Products Regulations.

What you will learn?

  • Understand the terminology used in Welding, testing, quality assurance and quality control.
  • Have the knowledge to be able to set up a welding quality management system to control welding, materials, welding consumables, equipment and testing to the requirements of ISO 3834-3 and other standards.
  • Appreciate the detailed requirements for welding, QA, QC, inspection and NDT within a welding environment.
  • Understand the problems and controls required to weld different material grades by ensuring compliance to codes and standards.
  • Appreciate how the welding procedure can influence mechanical and metallurgical properties of welded joints.
  • Interpret welding procedure specifications (WPS) welding procedure qualification records (WPQR) and welder qualification test certificates (WQTC).
  • Understand the content of a range of qualification documentation and be able to assess such documentation for compliance.
  • Prioritise common weld imperfections and identify and interpret different acceptance standards and joint quality classes.
  • Appreciate the need for welding communication including the correct use of weld symbols and their advantages and limitations.
  • Satisfy the personal knowledge assessment requirements for an RWC when interviewed for technical knowledge.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the course including lunch is £995, which we believe is the best RWC course in the UK today, delivered by experienced qualified lecturers…

Please contact us to request dates for the next RWC course dates.

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