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EN1090 – CE Marking

EN1090 – CE Marking

EN1090 CE Marking and Construction Products Regulations

The CPR is the UK version of the European Construction Products Directive and requires steel and aluminium structures that is placed on the market to be CE marked. CE marking may be applied to the fabrication or product provided that the manufacturer can demonstrate that the components comply with the relevant harmonised standards regarded by the European Commission as satisfying the Essential Safety Requirements set out in the Directive. E.G: BS EN 1090.

The CE Marking of construction products became  mandatory in the summer of 2014 after which time all structural steel and aluminium fabricators must be able to demonstrate compliance with BS EN 1090 Execution of Steel Structures and Aluminium Structures, the harmonised standard for the construction products regulation.

The revised version of EN1090-2 was issued in June 2018 and consequently all organisations who currently hold certification will need to implement the required changes before the 31st Dec 2018, after which time all nominated body assessments will be conducted against this new version of the standard…

What do QTP Limited do?

QTP Limited offer a complete package that guides the Fabricator through the CE Marking process, from initial review right through to CE marking assessment.

The standard package comprises

  • An initial visit to review existing systems (Gap Analysis)
  • We will prepare your Factory Production Control (FPC) procedures  for you
  • We will write and approve your Welding Procedure Specifications
  • We will train your RWC (Responsible Welding Coordinator)
  • We will guide you through the implementation process
  • we will assist with the Notified Body (NB) arrangements and certification
  • We will attend the NB assessment and help with any corrective actions

The total cost of the above package is £3800+VAT, but costs may vary up or down depending upon your level of compliance at the time of the initial review.

Implementation and certification

There is obviously some work for the Structural Fabricator to undertake, but this will be kept to a minimum and will be directed by a QTP consultant at all times. The end of the consultancy process an Internal Audit will be carried out to ensure the system is in conformity with EN1090 requirement. This will then be followed by the formal audit by a Nominated Body (NB) whereupon you will then receive your EN1090 FPC and Welding Certificate.

The timescale from start to date to certification is about 10 weeks!

To date QTP Limited have helped over 90 company’s obtain EN1090 Certification. Read Posts


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